Ergochair Core vs Ergochair Pro Office Chair, which one should I buy from Autonomous?

ergochair core vs pro

The Ergochair Pro is more expensive than the Ergochair Core.  Are the upgrade and additional moolah worth the spend? So we’re here to shed light on this question. Before choosing the Pro over the Core, let’s try to see if it is indeed a real value for your money.

Overall look- can pass off as twins

At first glance, you will not be able to tell which is which. The Core and the pro can pass off as twins. Both office chairs have a mesh backrest, a mesh headrest, and a padded seat, the contours, and the shape of these two units are also very similar. You have that subtle contoured back that can support your entire back. Both chairs also look streamlined and sleek.

You have to shell an additional 200 dollars to get your hands on the upgraded Pro chair. So here are some of the differences that we have noticed.

Ergochair Core vs Ergochair Pro  – What makes them different?

One, the Pro has bigger wheels. We did find that both chairs rolled smoothly both on the carpet and hardwood floors. But with bigger wheels, the  Pro will most likely be up for more offloading. 

Which chair can go higher?

Another, if you’d take a closer look at the height adjustment poles underneath the seat, you’ll also notice some differences. The Core boasts a longer 4 inches of travel compared to the Pro’s 2.5 inches of travel. That would mean that the maximum height of the Core will be higher compared to that of the Pro.  Though the difference is just around an inch. 

autonomous ergochair pro 2 review

autonomous ergochair pro

This can be a small difference, but it could mean a lot if you do find the Pro chair falling too low. Thus, if you are a bit taller, the Core chair will be a better option for you.

Which chair has more plush seating?

Both chairs have a padded seat and a mesh backrest. Though the padding of the Core is sustainability okay, we did the padded cushion of the Pro softer. It has thicker padding. So it will be more comfortable for your tush. And if you favor a more plush seating experience, the Pro will be able to give you one. The padded seat of the Core, on the other hand, is sitting in between firm and soft. So those who like firm butt support will find the Core more comfortable.

Which is more adjustable?

For some people, what can make a chair more valuable than the other may be the number of adjustments. The more adjustable features a chair has, the more ergonomic it is. And this is where you can see the upgrade on the Pro.

The Core offers 2 adjustable levers and knobs. One is for the seat height and the other is for the tilt. The Pro, on the other hand, has several adjustment levers. There are actually a  total of 6 different adjustments. So that’s also six levers and knobs. And here are some of the add ons that we have noticed.

One, the Pro‘s seat can be adjusted to move forward and back. You will be able to find a comfortable angle for your knees so that it doesn’t go beyond your feet. 

Two, you can also adjust the spring tension. And compared to the Core, you will be able to adjust back the tilt of the Pro further. So this can give you more breather. And one of our favorite features is the seat tilt. You can use this to actually tilt the seat itself. So this makes the chair more ergonomic. It allows for more range of motion so you will be able to sit on the chair for long hours. 

Thus, needless to say, the Pro chair has a lot of bells and whistles compared to the Core. 

One has a leg rest

But despite the addons that the Pro has, it still seems to be lacking one vital feature. And the Core has it, the foldable leg rest. This can offer a more comfortable seating experience when the chair is reclined. The leg rest is also decently stable, it does not move or sway from side to side. It is also easy to fold when not needed.

So that is a big plus for the Core. We wished that the Pro had.

Very similar armrests but one is more comfortable

If you’d take a quick look at the armrests of the two units, you will not instantly notice the difference. Both chairs have a rectangular-shaped armrest that has very thin padding on them. The size of the armrests of the Core is a bit smaller by half an inch compared to that of the Pro.

But when it comes to comfort, the padding of the Core has a bit more give and feels more squishy compared to the Pro. The armrests of the Pro are very firm. So despite the smaller armrests, we find the Core more comfortable. 

In terms of adjustability, the armrests of the Pro are more adjustable. Aside from up and down, it can also be moved side to side. 

So which is better? The Pro has a wider and more adjustable armrest while the Core has a more comfy one. We have to veto this one haha. If the Pro had the same squishiness as the Core, then we’re sold. 

Same mesh backrest but different lumbar support

As we have mentioned earlier, the backrest of both chairs looks very similar. Both the Pro and the Core have a breathable mesh material for the backrest. Both materials are cool, and also have a bit of give. So it can fully support your back and it doesn’t feel too stiff. 

The difference lies in the lumbar support of the chairs. And you can instantly tell the difference even at first glance. The lumbar support of the Core looks like concave plastic.  This can be adjusted up and down. But though it’s adjustable, we had a bit of trouble using it. The back support tends to fall even if it has been adjusted up. Especially if you rock the chair back and forth, the lumbar support will easily move out of place and fall. 

The Pro’s lumbar support, on the other hand, looks like a lumbar pillow and has more of a convex shape.  It feels more stable and we did feel that it was able to put more pressure on the back. 

All in all, the Pro has a more aggressive and pronounced lumbar back support than the Core. But there is still a but there. The lumbar support of the Pro can also be adjusted up and down. But we had some challenges adjusting it because it seems to get stuck in place. You will need to use some force to be able to move it. But the good thing is, it is more steady and can hold its post compared to the Core’s.

So albeit that, we are giving the bacon to the Pro. Despite having to flex a bit of muscle to move it, it did provide better lumbar support and it’s steady.  

The Pro also seems to sit more upright, so it will be able to give you more support for a better posture. The Core seems to be tilted more to the back. Though this can be a comfortable position for a breather, we find that this is not sustainable if you are going to sit for the entire day. So the Pro is more aggressive when it comes to correcting your posture. If you are a sloucher, it can benefit you. It does not push too far forward, it feels just right and lends sufficient support for the back. 

Similar headrest but one is better

The headrest, like the mesh back, looks similar on both chairs. But if you take a deeper look, you’ll notice that the headrest of the Core is not that shaped as round as that of the Pro.  The Pro has more of a circular headrest. 

And this circular shape feels more supportive for your neck and head. And it also looks more posh compared to that of the Core. 

ergochair core

Autonomous ergochair core

Our take

It’s clear from what we have mentioned above that the Pro offers more adjustability. It also offers a more comfortable seat and better lumbar support. But there is one thing that might affect our final decision. The Pro sort of has more rocking back and forth motion. The Core also has that only that it’s subtle. So the produced back and forth motion can be irritating. And it might even make the chair feel loose or disconnected. 

And 200 dollars is still money spent. The Pro offers more adjustability but it also has but the pronounce rocking made it feel loose.  So if we are getting both chairs at the same price, we will definitely choose the Pro. But to answer the question initially if it is worth the 200 dollar upgrade, we had to say no. The 200 dollar upgrade could have added in a more stable and steady chair. The Pro lost us with its pronounced rocking motion. 

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