How Comfortable Is the Massage Video Gaming Recliner Chair from VUYUYU

Massage Video Gaming Recliner Chair VUYUYU review

This massage video gaming chair may be one of its kind. And everyone would want to get their hands on it. Who doesn’t want to be pampered with massages while playing your favorite video games? It’s a sublime relaxation and don’t forget those chips too! 

But it might sound too good to be true. Remember those massage chairs that became a fad years ago. Does it feel somewhat like it? If it does well you’re in for a treat. But we’re not yet sure if this can indeed offer the ultimate retreat from the way it looks. So we tried it for ourselves!

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VUYUYU Recliner Chair – What to expect

Before we go to the bad bits and the good bits, let us first dissect this massage gaming chair. What exactly does it have?

The entire chair is made of PU leather. The upper portion consists of a high backrest. It’s quite similar to the bulky and thickly padded gaming chairs that have become the norm. Also, it comes with a removable headrest and a lumbar pillow.

The armrests mimic the typical massage chair with a cup holder on one of the arms. Then the seat and the footrest are made of one continuous material. It’s padded and covered with PU leather too. So you have the option to fold the footrest or pull it out too. And since it’s a single material from the seat, it’s rather wide.

Lastly, the base is made of durable steel material and the chair can swivel to 360 degrees. So it pretty much sounds comfortable that you want to jump straight right into it. But is it really?

Comfort score

We’ll break the bubble here. It’s not as comfortable as it seems. Though we find the adjustable pillow the most comfortable of all the parts of the chair, it isn’t sublimely heaven like what we are expecting. 

One, the entire chair is padded and covered with PU leather. It does look sleek, modern, and reminiscent of the cozy lounge chairs with a massage function. But the thing is, the padding or the cushion is very thin. It also feels kind of hard like you’re sitting on plywood. So can you just imagine how your butt will feel if you will use this for gaming for longer hours? It can be rather painful. So we were quite disappointed with that. We were expecting something more plush, or at least a decent one.

The headrest or the neck pillow is also thin. And if you try to dissect the innards of it, you’ll be left more disappointed. It just has scraps of thin foam or cushion, more of trimmings from a big foam. So the neck pillow didn’t even do anything good for the chair in this case. 

reclinning of this gaming chair


This massage chair does offer several adjustable options. The recline function works well, we were expecting more of a full recline, or at least something close to it. The chair was only able to go as far as 120 to 130 degrees angle. So you can still take a breather from long hours of gaming. But you can get a better reline from other gaming chairs. But at least it felt stable and solid. It did not feel like it would give away anytime. 

The height of the chair sadly, can’t be adjusted. Instead, you can only change the angle of the backseat and the seat depth. And this is where one of the limitations of the chair comes in. This massage chair will not be able to sit taller users. If you stand taller than 5’10”, you will not be able to find a sweet spot of comfort. So average size users will have more use for this chair.

In addition, this chair is not also built for petite or smaller users. When you recline the chair, you’ll find your legs dangling from the chair. And that can be numbing on the legs. Unless you will not use the recline function, then you may find this okay, but what’s the use right?

Though we love how the chair gives you an option to stow away the footrest or pull it over to stretch and relax your legs. This is perhaps what we find the most ergonomic part of the chair.

As for the armrests, like the seat height, you cannot adjust them. So overall, in terms of adjustability, it is limited. So either the chair fits you or it doesn’t. It has a small scope of users. And the armrests do have a cup holder, but we find it rather shallow. It might not be able to hold a can of soda safely. 


As far as the foundation of the chair goes, this chair is not flimsy. We did find it rather durable and steady. The steel base makes up for a great foundation. This chair is rated to hold 300 lbs. And it seems that it will be able to hold itself pretty well. 

Massage Video Gaming Recliner Chair Overall

  1. This is a rather uncomfortable chair. We find the padding very thin and the comfort level is not promising. Some users opted to add pillows and cushions to make the chair work for them. But we don’t really want to do that. This chair is not okay for long gaming hours. Your butt will go numb after 3 hours. 
  2. The durability score is quite good. It doesn’t feel like it will give away easily. It’s pretty stable even when reclined. Though we wished it was able to recline further back. That’s what we thought when we first looked at the chair and all the hype about it.
  3. This is not for taller people. Since the chair height can not be changed, it’s either a yay or a nay. Even the armrests are not adjustable, so it will be difficult to find a more comfortable spot if you don’t find it comfortable in the first place. 
  4. The assembly was fairly easy. But we wished that the brand labeled the parts correctly. It was such a pain to go through all the parts and figure out which is which. The setup would have been faster if it hadn’t been for that. 
  5. The massage function of the chair is relatively nice. And we have no complaints about it. But we can’t really appreciate it fully because of the stiffness of the entire chair. We would have loved to have a massage on something more plush and comfortable. 

Top 2 best Alternatives

If you find the comfort of the VUYUYU massage gaming chair lacking, here are a few alternatives.

  • Killabee massage gaming chair

What we like about this massage gaming chair is that it is equipped with memory foam padding on top of the seat cushion. This is extremely comfortable and can be used for long hours of gaming. The chair is also quite durable and sturdy. And it also has a rocking function and a recline. We didn’t feel that we would fall back, so it’s pretty solid. 

What we don’t like about it is that the footrest can be a bit small. We love how the footrest of the VUVUYU is a continuous material from the seat, it makes it really wide. The footrest of the Killabee is not that solid too and feels similar to the footrest of other flimsy gaming chairs. 

Also, this is a better option if you are taller. It has wider dimensions and a higher back that will be able to accommodate taller people.

  • VON Racer massage reclining chair

What we love about this massage gaming chair is that it is highly adjustable compared to the VUYUYU. The recline can also go further back as much as 175 degrees. So it can offer a more sublime retreat for long gaming hours. You will be able to find the sweet spot because this massage chair has more customizable and adjustable features. It’s more ergonomic, so to speak. 

Also, the seat has a thicker cushion, so it doesn’t feel like you’re sitting on plywood. However, it’s not the most durable. This massage gaming chair is not for the heavy, we only recommend it for lightweight or average size users. We also find the footrest a bit smaller. 

The massage options also work as advertised, but we do find it lacking compared to the VUYUYU. 

Final Say

The VUYUYU massage gaming chair looks better than it feels like. What totally blew it off for us is how thin the padding is. It doesn’t really feel more of a cushion. And if you are heavier, you’ll feel your butt rubbing against hard plywood.

It’s such a shame because the building is sturdy and can accommodate those who are a bit hefty. And the massage function is also pleasant. We wished that the brand would have spent more attention on the comfort of the entire padding, at least a decently plush one. 

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