Skytech Shiva gaming pc desktop review – Why you should just opt for a prebuilt gaming pc

Skytech Shiva gaming pc desktop review

The Skytech Shiva might be one of the reasons why you should just opt to buy a prebuilt gaming pc rather than building it for yourself. The perks of building your own gaming desktop is a cheaper cost but with more high-quality comments. Let’s see why buying a pre-built pc can be more cost-effective.

Crystal clear graphics 

This gaming PC comes with a 500G SSID and a USB Bluetooth plugin. But because you can play games at HD 1080 P seamlessly on this desktop, you might want to get an additional 1TB SSID. 

This Shiva gaming PC has lightning-fast speed and can handle almost any game we tried to play with it. Thus, you will want to play tons of games. And games can eat up a lot of space. It can easily hog up the 500G SSID that’s included with your purchase.

The graphics are clear and impressive. needless to say, we don’t have any complaints about it. You can virtually immerse yourself while playing and this can level up your gaming experience.

This Skytech gaming PC makes use of a new generation GPU card for NViida, the RTX 2060 6GB. This makes it possible to play ultra-high settings in 1080 p resolution. 

The fastest of its kind

This gaming pc built will allow you to play games at 1080 p at acceptable frame rates per second. We tried playing several demanding games and we were able to record quite an impressive output. For instance, it scored 79 fps while the Hitman 2 and 108 fps with Division 2. A record of 60 fps is decent enough for gaming. So anything above 60 is such a treat. 

And when you crank the PC up, you can play games at 1080 p with a frame that does not go below 100 fps.

With a PC gaming desktop with its price, you can expect to play games at 60 fps, no lower than that. But with this gaming desktop, you can very well exceed that mark. Needless to say, it performs better than other pc gaming desktops of its kind and price range. Gaming desktops of this range would only allow you to play games at full HD 1080p. 

So it might not be the fastest that you will find in the market, but it is for a gaming desktop of this kind. 

With the 550 SSD, this PC opens up rather quickly at about 7-8 seconds. 

Impressive built

This Skytech Shiva gaming PC has an impressive build. Straight out of the box, you will be able to tell that the exterior part is made of high-quality materials. We were also able to receive this unit without any damages, so kudos to the shipping. Our first impression upon unboxing it is that it is a professionally built gaming desktop.

And if we were to compare the price of building your own pc rig, you can save money when you opt to buy this prebuilt pc. One, it saves you from the hassle of putting parts together and choosing what components to include in your gaming pc. 

Two, if you take a further look into the components mix, it has enough power for a mid-range pc built. Unless you enjoy the thrill of building your own, then there’s no arguing over that. Sometimes, there is just some beauty in building things on your own, regardless of the outcome and the cost. 

The Skytech Shiva is a midrange tower with one side featuring a tempered glass panel. And it stands out from the rest with its tastefully designed exteriors. It’s different from most gaming desktops, you won’t find any bare black metal parts. 

Instead, this gaming pc has a plain white exterior that looks more polished and clean. It’s a breath of fresh air for the usual black chassis most gaming PCs have. So this makes up for a unique and more polished looking pc. We see lady gamers preferring this style over the more popular black or black/red metal chassis pc gaming desktops.

As for the ports, you have more than enough to work with. It has two USB 2.0 ports, four USB 3.1 ports, an ethernet port, a mic port, an HDMI, and a built-in WiFi antenna. 

A gaming desktop for experienced users

 The Skytech Shiva gaming PC desktop is for seasoned and experienced users. Greenhorn in gaming might find it challenging to hover through this gaming pc because it does not have any written documentation. 

It seems to have the bells and whistles an experienced gamer will be looking for. But you need to be able to know how to go through the loops of using a gaming desktop because you won’t have much technical support with it. It will have a great learning curve for newbies, and they will have to fiddle through youtube a lot to get answers to their queries because there isn’t any written documentation. Though powering up the PC is the easiest, everything from there might not be for beginners. 

Some gripes

  1. One of the biggest gripes we have with this gaming desktop is that as of the moment, there aren’t any upgrades on its components. 
  2. It does not have any USB C ports.


  1. it does not have the advanced configuration of gaming desktops, but it’s decently sufficient for you to play AAA titles at 1044 p and 1080 p. However, if you want to play games at 4K, this is where this PC desktop will have a struggle. You have to upgrade your sd card to a GeForce RTX 2080 Super to be able to play games seamlessly at 4p resolution.
  2. The fans can be decently quiet with a light load. But with a hefty load, it can get quite noisy.
  3. It doesn’t heat up easily, so this gaming desktop has an effective cooling system and the fans work well.

The inclusive RGB effects are a bonus. If you are into RG lights, you’ll love these amazing freebies. 

  1. This gaming desktop has very minimal bloatware. So it won’t eat up space in the chassis. You might be needing the space for future upgrades once the system makes one available. 
  2. The 550GB drive can fill up rather quickly. So get additional storage if you don’t want to be disrupted while gaming.
  3. For the market value of each of the components, this gaming pc is a bang for your buck. One of the reasons why you build your own pc rig is to save money and get the components that are decent enough, if not better. So with this pre-built Pc, you no longer have to do that. It might even cost you more if you build your own gaming desktop with the said components. So this will eliminate the need to do a DIY. 
  4. This gaming PC makes use of the Ryzen 5 2600. For the CPU. Though this isn’t the newest or the most innovative in the market, it’s still one of the best performing and a more recent one too. We know everyone wants to have their hands on the newer 3000 series. This would have made this gaming PC more elevated. 
  5. The combination of the RTX 2060 6GB card with the Ryzen 5 2600 processor allows you to play games at high performance 1080 p.

Final Say

The Skytech Shiva gaming PC is an impressive, fast prebuilt gaming pc with a lovely unique exterior. With its components, you can play games at 1080 p better than other gaming desktops with its price range. Though you might not be able to play 4k games. But you will not be able to complain because of the value it can bring compared to the price.

Also, this is ideal for experienced gamers who know how to go through the hooks and loops of gaming PCs. So if you are old fashioned and will require written documentation, you will find this challenging to use.  

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