V.I.V.O vs Vari standing desk showdown – let’s take a look

VIVO vs VARI standing desk comparison

If you’ve ever gone into an office supply store or even a white goods store, you have probably seen a number of standing desks. There are several factors to sit down and consider before making a buying decision, so it’s important to do some research first rather than impulse-buying the first one you see. This article will be breaking down 2 electric height adjustable standing desks made by 2 brands: VARI and V.I.VO


VARI desk

Official website of VARI: https://www.vari.com/



Official website of V.I.V.O: https://vivo-us.com/

VARI vs VIVO chapter 1 – Shipping Policy and the Warranty of Standing Desks

The VARI standing desk has free shipping all around the United States, whereas the VIVO standing desk has free shipping within California. The warranty on each product is 5 years for both.

According to many users who bought VIVO Adjustable Height Desk at Costco or Sams club online store, they said that there are several parts in the box were already broken when they received it. But for the warranty from both brands, since VIVO has a 1 year warranty from date of purchase while with the fact that user said about their breaks after using about 2 months maybe, I know that they don’t follow the 1 year warranty policy.

For VARI standing desks since their products are for commercial usage, you can check more information on their website. You will see that it says: “All Vari products come with a 5-year limited warranty (3 years full and 2 years pro-rated) and we also offer 90 days of protection from product defects to assure our customers complete satisfaction.” This is absolutely true as many users already tested and proven this!

The winner of this chapter: VARI

VARI vs VIVO chapter 2 – Price and Material of Standing Desks

There are lots of version for a standing desk, so both of the brands have the price range. And example, with the medium size like 60×30, the Vari costs $755, according to this https://www.vari.com/electric-standing-desk-60×24/FD-ESD6024.html

While with the same size 60×24, this DESK-KIT-1B6B Series from V.I.V.O costs $329, according to this https://vivo-us.com/collections/standing-desks/products/desk-kit-1b6b

Look like the price, the VIVO standing desks are cheaper.

The winner of this chapter: VIVO

VARI vs VIVO chapter 3 – Size and Weight Capacity of Standing Desks

Each product have a different base, the Vari has Square aluminum base with width 26″ x 26″, while with the VIVO standing desks, they have rectangle aluminum base that is 44×30″. The overall dimension of Vari standing desk is 29.5x24x60″, while for the size of VIVO standing desk is 55x30x55″.

VIVO standing desks have lots of size than VARI, such as 43×24″, 55×24″, 63×55″.

Both the VARI and VIVO Adjustable Height Desk have a weight capacity of 35 pounds. However, the height adjustment ranges differ between the two brands

300mm to 560mm for VARI

Starting at 440mm for the first level of height adjustment on VIVO

The winner of this chapter: It’s a tie.

VARI vs VIVO chapter 4 – Noise Level

According to various reviews online, the Vari standing desks are usually less noisy compared to other brands out there. But if you consider noise level as an important factor when buying a standing desk, make sure you check with the store before purchasing.

The winner of this chapter: VARI

VARI vs VIVO chapter 5 – Monitor and Keyboard Tray

Both brands have a similar kind of monitor stand with a height range from 21″ to 32″. As for keyboard tray, most of standing desks offer a platform where you can put your keyboard and mouse on. There’s no specific brand that has better one than the other, but the width between both is about 13 inches. The winner of this chapter: It’s a tie.

The winner of this chapter: No one. It’s completely up to you which one do you like most?

VARI vs VIVO chapter 6 – Monitor Arm

Both brands have monitor arm that can be attached to your table or desk, but you will need to purchase it separately. And the price is different between both brands too.

The winner of this chapter: No one, it’s up to what do you prefer?

VARI vs VIVO chapter 7 – Customer service

According to the review of each brand on Amazon, VARI seems to have better customer support.

The winner of this chapter: VARI


So in our opinion, if you’re going to buy an adjustable height standing desk online, always compare all features as well as price between different brands before making any decision because it’s not only about saving money, but it’s more about getting the perfect product that suits you best. There are lots of variables to consider, so just do your research and take good care of your health!

We hope this comparisons can help you to make a decision. And if you think I am wrong, feel free to leave me a comment below! But be nice please…

The winner of this battle: The winner is VARI by 1 point. It’s up to you which one do you prefer! 🙂

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